Let’s rewind to March 18 when a couple folks had an idea to start a food bank at the community center to help feed local students in the Archer Lodge community, who would have gone without a nutritious breakfast and lunch had it not been for this idea and this food drive.

In partnering with Johnston County Public Schools, we were given 8 schools that we would work directly with to provide their students the nutritious breakfast and lunch that they would need. We began serving the needs of the students at Archer Lodge Middle School, Riverwood Elementary and Riverwood Middle, Corinth Holders Elementary and Corinth Holders High School, East Clayton Elementary and Cooper Academy. Little did we know, 12 weeks later, we would have passed out OVER TEN THOUSAND MEALS! TEN THOUSAND MEALS!!!

You guys, this could not have happened without the outpouring of love and support we received from our local businesses, churches, individuals, friends, family, local schools, etc. You all kept us going! We live in an incredible community full of people who are here to help our children at any time.

In the beginning we had so many volunteers and there is no way we would have been able to pack bags, organize food, count bags, hand out bags and keep up with all of the details without your help. We ended up having to scale back on our volunteers when there was a positive case at a Durham Food Bank and out of abundance of caution we continued on with a core team of hardworking volunteers. We owe a huge thank you to ALL of our volunteers!

In the 12 weeks that the Food Drive was operational, we raised over $17,000!!! This is incredible!! This money was used to purchase more breakfast and lunch items in bulk from local businesses and to buy supplies needed to operate the drive.

Over the past 3 months we have seen so much, we have worked hard as a team, spent a lot of time away from our own families, we have laughed, and even cried, we have grown stronger as individuals and become a stronger community.

Last Friday, May 29 was our last day serving the students and families in our community and we wanted to tell you all THANK YOU! THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered, who shopped for us, who came week after week and brought donations, who made donations online, who volunteered and most importantly who prayed for us and our food drive. A special thank you to the Archer Lodge Community Center for opening your doors to the community and allowing this team to serve those in need. We just can’t thank you enough!

Your Archer Lodge Community Center Food Drive Team

Blair, Faith, Phillip, Zach, Angie, Jim, Jennifer, Jo, Nelson, Kaylee, Lexie & Ashley



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