2015 Road Race Results


Thank you to all the runners that came out early Saturday morning to participate in our annual Archer Lodge Road Race.  Below are the winners.

1 Mile Open

  1. Zack Adams
  2. Ashlyn Hogg
  3. Taylor Moseley

5K 12 & Under

  1. Skylor Moseley
  2. Graham Wike

5K Women’s Open

  1. Maylon Barton
  2. Ragan Schmidt
  3. Kari Bryant

5K Men’s Open

  1. John Musgrave
  2. Michael Lee
  3. Brent Blackmon

5K Women’s Masters

  1. Sharon Freeman
  2. Kim Paisley
  3. Sandra Gillaspie

5K Men’s Masters

  1. Don Gillaspie
  2. Mike Paisley
  3. Dennis Littleton

We hope to see all of you again next year!