New Email List

emailWe are implementing a new email list that will replace the old one.  The new list will allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe from the list yourself.  An invitation email was sent out to all current members of the old list.  ** For those of you that received the invitation, some may have gotten a warning message when clicking on the subscription link.  It is safe to click on it, it is not a phishing scam. **

If you were on the old list and wish to receive emails from the Archer Lodge Community Center, you will need to subscribe to this new list.  This is an announce-only list, so you will only receive emails from the Community Center.  All emails from the list will have “[ALCC Info]” in the subject line.  We hope that you will join the list!  If you did not receive an invitation, please click the link below to join the list.

Join our email list